Hospitality Interior Works

Restaurants are so much more than food. It is about a pleasing outdoor experience. Everything right from the position of the tables to the wall coverings to the artwork can influence a customer’s mood when they enter a restaurant. A restaurant interior design project is a major branding exercise for the establishment. It is challenging for the team as well to execute due to the regulations, norms, and standards to maintain. Design Club has worked with many restaurants in Dubai for interior design and has always kept the importance and weightage it has on the overall business. We understand our clients’ needs and ensure our design enhances the standing they have in the market.

The Age of Photos and Ambiance – Significance of Restaurant Interior Design

Step back and think for a second. When was the last time you went to a restaurant without checking the images of the place online first? Or, when was the last time you stepped into a place and ordered food before taking photos. Whether we like it or not, we live in the image of selfies and vibes. To capture this market, you must speak their language. Your restaurant’s interior design must resonate with your clientele and prick their curiosity over your services. They say we eat with our eyes first so, you have to make everything pretty. Not just the food, but your restaurant as well.

For any business, getting customers through the doors is the first challenge. We know you can handle the rest. Let us help you get the customers in by attracting them with classic European or Arabic themes to go with your restaurant’s theme.

Once in too, good restaurant interior design can make the dining experience special for your clients and want them to come back again and again. It is branding and marketing all rolled into one.

With good design must come great functionality as well. As one of the oldest restaurant interior design companies in Dubai, we assure you that every design element will be thoughtful and functional.

Design Club – the Choice for Quality Restaurant Interior Design

Design Club has over 34 years of experience in the field of Interior design in the UAE market. We have executed projects for major brands across the world and can help you transform your space as per the vision you have. Your workspace and retail space are important for you. Design Club undertakes turnkey projects right from space planning, design, execution, and material procurement. With us, you can sit and concentrate on the business you built.

We will make sure that the design blows away everyone’s mind while you work your way to their heart.